About Us

About Us

GoNet Systems provides xRF™ Beamforming Wi-Fi solutions for indoor & outdoor deployments of 3G/4G data offload, Wi-Fi access and enterprise networks. As mobile data consumption soars worldwide, the interference levels both indoors and outdoors are rising as well. With Next Generation MIMO – Beamforming technology, GoNet Systems delivers x2-x4 the capacity and 90% effective noise mitigation.


GoNet Systems solutions feature a flexible, dual beamforming radio architecture operating  in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. In addition, a powerful, directional, automatic-channel-selection mechanism enables operators to maximize frequency utilization. The advanced system design supports the latest Wi-Fi standards including 802.11 a/b/g/n and beyond to 802.11ac.


The company’s GoBeam access point product families are designed for bandwidth intensive services such as high-speed data, video streaming, VoIP and smart grid applications. Equipped with a patented, adaptive dynamic channel filter, the platforms are optimized for deployment alongside 3G, WiMAX and other Wi-FI networks, without suffering from performance degradation. GoNet Systems Wi-Fi solutions are cost-effective and reliable for delivering broadband wireless service to the huge Wi-Fi client install base.


GoNet Systems is a privately owned company with headquarters in Tel-Aviv and offices in Japan, China and Brazil. The company, formerly called GoNetworks, was acquired in 2007 by NextWave Wireless (NASDAQ: WAVE) and was bought out by a group of VCs and private investors in 2009.

To download our company brochure, click here.

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