3G Offload

3G Offload

The challenge

Cellular operators are experiencing massive data consumption due to the proliferation of smartphones, tablet PC and other mobile devices. The problem of congestion in 3G networks due to heavy data utilizations has only begun. According to Cisco VNI Mobile, 2011 data usage is predicted to increase exponentially over the next 4 years with a 92% average growth rate, reaching an incredible 6.3 EB by 2015.


3G offload to Wi-Fi solutions are gaining acceptance as an effective response to the rapid growth in data consumption. However, traditional Wi-Fi solutions, based on the standard indoor Wi-Fi technology fail to perform in noisy outdoor conditions. For this reason, GoNet Systems has created a new breed of Wi-Fi technology optimized to work in the harsh conditions of outdoor, urban environments. The solution has been specifically optimized to work in conjunction with 3G networks.



GoNet Systems Solution

xRF beamforming & 802.11n

GoNet Systems GoBeam platform combines the company’s powerful beamforming technology with the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. This approach enables the GoBeam access points to extend the limited coverage area of 802.11n by a factor of x2 to x4 to improve the user experience and increase the overall network capacity.

Co-location of Wi-Fi & 3G cells to leverage existing infrastructure assets

GoNet Systems carrier-grade access points are equipped with a specialized patented channel filtering mechanism to block interference from adjacent 3G, WiMAX and other Wi-Fi sources. With extended coverage range and 90% effective immunity to noise, the access points can be safely deployed in co-location with existing 3G cells. By leveraging the existing network real-estate and connectivity infrastructure, GoNet Systems Wi-Fi solution can save up to 50% on capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX).

Flexible mesh architecture reducing initial expenditure

GoNet Systems’ architecture features self-healing, multi-radio mesh architecture. This approach provides the network reliability required by cellular operators while maintaining high capacity.

Seamless integration into the cellular operators’ network

The GoNet Systems architecture integrates seamlessly into the cellular network. Working as an integrated part of the ecosystem, GoNet Systems access points interoperate with access controllers, IP Sec, PDG and other smart gateways in the network.


Fast & affordable deployment of a high-quality wireless network

GoNet Systems carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions deliver the ease of deployment in the unlicensed band, superior beamforming Wi-Fi

coverage and capacity, highly effective immunity to noise, reliable self-healing mesh architecture – all in a cost effective solution.

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