Government & Municipalities

Government & Municipalities

The challenge

Government entities and municipalities need broadband communication solutions running multiple applications to effectively connect their offices, services, public safety initiatives and remote equipment. With a proliferation of client devices, no need for wires and a low cost infrastructure, Wi-Fi networks are the ideal, connectivity platforms for such projects.


  • Public facilities – from city hall, to libraries and local offices, broadband connectivity allows city officials to improve their service and productivity. The Wi-Fi solution needs to provide support for multiple applications simultaneously and offer coverage for a large area.
  • Emergency services – the up to date status from the field is critical to making informed decisions. With the increased use of video in conjunction with voice and data communication, the Wi-Fi solution must be able to stream large quantities of data smoothly and reliably.
  • Remote equipment – monitoring and controlling equipment that is deployed in the field from a central location – traffic control, video surveillance and meters reading (AMR) – provide a cost effective and efficient solution. Due to the large number of devices and large data volumes, the Wi-Fi solution must be highly scalable and able to operate in noisy urban conditions.
  • Public service – One of the advantages of a city owned Wi-Fi platform is the ability to deliver additional, value added services to residents and tourists alike. By allocating bandwidth for local business or creating tourism portals, city officials can help drive local growth.

GoNet Systems solution

Outdoor Wi-Fi designed for large-scale deployments

GoNet Systems Wi-Fi solutions have been developed specifically for large-scale, outdoor deployments. Powered by the xRF™ Smart Antenna beamforming and self-healing mesh technologies, the GoNet Wi-Fi solutions reliably deliver multiple applications and large quantities of data throughout an entire city, while providing 50% savings on CAPEX and OPEX.


Powerful combination of beamforming & 802.11n

GoNet Systems GoBeam platform combines the company’s powerful beamforming technology with the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. This approach enables the GoBeam access points to extend the limited coverage area of 802.11n by a factor of x2 to x4 to improve the user experience and increase the overall network capacity.


Multi-block noise mitigation

The urban landscape is typified by a high noise level, specifically in the 2.4 Ghz unlicensed band. GoNet Systems multi-block interference mitigation approach provides more than 90% effective noise mitigation. By transmitting and receiving and a narrow, adaptive beam, the GoNet MBW Smart Antenna base stations reduce inter-cell interference and the exposure to noise. In addition, specialized channel filters ensure high performance even in the vicinity of 3G, WiMAX and other Wi-Fi sources.


Flexible mesh architecture reducing initial expenditure

GoNet Systems’ architecture features self-healing, multi-radio mesh architecture. This approach provides the network reliability required by cellular operators while maintaining high capacity.


Scalable, flexible and very cost-effective

GoNet Systems Wi-Fi solutions provide a scalable, flexible and very cost-effective communication platform to local governments and municipalities. These platforms drive business-growth and improve the service level and accessibility.



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