Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi Access

The challenge

Wireless service providers (WISP) grow their business by extending their coverage and adding new subscribers to their service. The key to profitable service lies in creating a Wi-Fi communication infrastructure that can scale easily and cost effectively as the operation grows. There are numerous challenges wireless service providers face depending on their target market and environment. However, creating a high-quality, commercial Wi-Fi solution, which is suitable for outdoor environments, is a common goal.


Business connectivity

business users require a communication solution that answers the bandwidth demands of multiple users within the organization using a wide variety of voice, data and multimedia applications simultaneously. Reliability is a primary factor since the business operation depends on constant communication.


Residential service

There is a growing demand for wireless connectivity in the home in order to provider Internet access to multiple family members simultaneously, share files or printers, benefit from video streaming, real-time gaming, voice and video telephony, and more. The wireless solution must provide good coverage throughout the home and provide easy “plug & play” installation.


Rural service

rural areas are typified by small groups of people dispersed over large geographical areas. These deployments require broadband coverage of remote sites making the range of the wireless equipment a critical cost factor.

GoNet Systems Solution

GoNet Systems Wi-Fi solutions have been developed specifically for large-scale, outdoor deployments. Powered by the xRF™ Smart Antenna beamforming and self-healing mesh technologies, the GoNet Wi-Fi solutions are ideal for service providers seeking to maximize network coverage, performance and economics.


Powerful combination of beamforming & 802.11n

GoNet Systems GoBeam platform combines the company’s powerful beamforming technology with the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. This approach enables the GoBeam access points to extend the limited coverage area of 802.11n by a factor of x2 to x4 to improve the user experience and increase the overall network capacity.


Flexible mesh architecture reducing initial expenditure

GoNet Systems’ architecture features self-healing, multi-radio mesh architecture. This approach provides the network reliability required by cellular operators while maintaining high capacity.


Carrier-grade solution with superior economics

GoNet Systems carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions provide the quality and reliability that you need to deploy a commercial network. Our solutions provide superior performance, while reducing CAPEX and OPEX by 50%.



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