MIMO xRF Beamforming

MIMO xRF Beamforming

The Challenge

MIMO technology increases capacity by sending and receiving multiple streams at once. In the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, the MIMO
implementation, which was designed for indoor applications. For this reason, it defines a maximal 800ns delay spread; the time between the first and last return paths. In outdoor environments the delay spread is higher than 2µs, therefore, preventing the use of high-capacity MIMO.

GoNet Systems Solution

GoNet Systems MIMO xRF Beamforming technology was designed to effectively reduce the delay spread. The xRF Beamforming technology selects the 3 best paths. Each one is then handled as a “separate channel”, and individually benefits from the performance advantages of the smart antenna beamforming technology. The channels are aligned, by delaying the relevant ones, in order to reduce the delay between them to less than the 800ns supported by the 802.11n standard.

GoNet Systems MIMO xRF Beamforming technology is an enabler for 802.11n MIMO in outdoor conditions. Without this technology, the long delay spread disables the MIMO technology.

How it works

MIMO xRF Beamforming - handling outdoor delay spread


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