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Null forming

GoNet Systems beamforming technology is applied in the inverse direction for interference mitigation. Long beams are formed in the direction of clients and nulls are created in the direction of interference sources.

Specialized channel filters

GoNet Systems access points employ specialized channel filters to reduce 3G, WiMAX and other Wi-Fi interference sources. With this technology, the access points can be co-located with other devices, like 3G BTS, without performance degradation to the GoNet Systems access point or the BTS.

xRF Beamforming Interference mitigation

Omni systems is receive interferer sources with same gain as the user’s signal. In xRF™beamforming, interferer sources from the side lobes are received in average 20dB (1%) the power of the user’s signal. This capability provides highly effective, interference immunity.

xRF Beamforming Inter-cell interference

The narrow beam delivered by GoNet Systems access points pollute the air much less than regular Aps, which transmit to all directions. In the 2.4Ghz band only 3 non-overlapping channels exist. Dense deployments of standard APs create high levels of noise pollution and reduce the total system capacity due to interference between adjacent cells.

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