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The challenge

In recent years, the adoption of Wi-Fi for outdoor applications, including 3G Data offload, broadband wireless access, municipal deployments, Video surveillance and multimedia services is expanding. However, delivering Wi-Fi service outdoors in the highly interfered 2.4 GHz band is challenging due to high noise levels, which adversely affect the capacity, range and Quality of Service (QOS). Traditional Wi-Fi infrastructure equipment, which was developed for indoor use is incapable of rising to the outdoor challenge.

GoNet Systems Solution

GoNet Systems Wi-Fi access points use the company’s powerful xRF™ beamforming technology, which is specifically designed for optimal performance in harsh, outdoor environments.

xRF Beamforming

Multiple RF Chains

How it works
xRF Beamforming
How it works

GoNet Systems xRF™ DSP implementation detects the packet direction-of-arrival within the first 2µs. This information is used to “lock” the antenna array on the signal i.e. form a single, narrow beam, directed according to the direction-of arrival by combining the signals of 4 different antennas.

GoNet Systems beamforming benefits:
  1. Interference mitigation
    Omni systems is receive interferer sources with same gain as the user’s signal. In xRF™beamforming, interferer sources from the side lobes are received in average 20dB (1%) the power of the user’s signal. This capability provides highly effective, interference immunity.
  2. Inter-cell interference
    The narrow beam delivered by GoNet Systems access points pollute the air much less than regular Aps, which transmit to all directions. In the 2.4Ghz band only 3 non-overlapping channels exist. Dense deployments of standard APs create high levels of noise pollution and reduce the total system capacity due to interference between adjacent cells.
  3. Resistance to fading
    One of the major issues limiting the performance of outdoor Wi-Fi is the “fading” phenomena – where signals reflected from buildings and objects are combined destructively and degrade the signal quality. GoNet Systems xRF beamforming solution is resistant to fading and provide 5-8dB extra gain in such environments.
  4. Higher antenna and array gain
    xRF™ beamforming systems have antenna gain of 14-17dBi compared to less than 8dBi for standard omni radios. Combined with the diversity gain, xRF beamforming provides x2-x4 range and capacity. As a result, GoNet Systems deployments require 25% access points and sites in order to cover the same area.
  5. Transmit power
    Certifications enable beamforming systems to transmit higher power.
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